Drum Motorized Belt Conveyor


Drum motorized belt conveyors are ideal for handling wide variety of products. The conveyor design is incorporated with innovative concept of motorized rollers for drive option without integrating external drive units, chains and drive shafting. These systems are quieter and more efficient in standards. Drum motorized conveyor design is with light duty, brushed motor with internal thermal control enables to provide clean and hygienic applications of customer requirements.

Standard Specification:

Belt :PVC, PU fabric, Modular belts
Belt width :300mm increments up to 2000mm
Length :500mm increments up to req.
Skid plate :MS / SS formed sheet, roller bed
Belt Speed :up to 60m/min.
Guard rail :UHMWE/ SS/ MS/ Extrusions.
Drive :End drive, Center drive, and Tangent drive.
Motor :Drum motor with internal thermal controller.
Control :Variable Frequency drive / Speed controller.
Frame :MS/SS Formed sheet
Supports :MS/SS formed sheet, Square tubes,
Assembly :Welded, Modular
Color Finish :Powder coat, Paint as RAL spec.
Electrical :Pushbuttons, Sensors, Limit switches as req.
Load capacity :Up to 500 kgs


  • Ergonomic design
  • Inbuilt drive system
  • Drum roller suits for roller conveyor
  • Modular construction
  • Light & Heavy duty applications


  • Food processing
  • Electronics products
  • Auto parts
  • Plastic, Metals
  • Food & Beverages
  • Assembly lines
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging


  • Sea Food industry
  • Fruits packaging
  • Auto components
  • Electronics Industry
  • Paramedical Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Warehouse & Distribution
  • Bottling and Canning