Inclined Belt Conveyor


Inclined Belt Conveyor is designed to handle goods from one level to another through incline or declined angles.. These conveyors are suitable for light and heavy duty applications for large and bulky material handling. Its versatile design incorporated with grip top belts or flights to make sure the product gets to top of the incline. Belt with PU profiles is welded to the underside to ensure the belt is under constant tracking throughout the conveyor.

Standard Specification:

Belt PVC, PU, and Food grade fabric typ.
Belt width 100mm increments up to 2000mm
Cleats PP, PU welded
Length 500mm increments up to req.
Skid plate MS / SS formed sheet
Belt Speed up to 60m/min.
Guard rail UHMWE/ SS/ MS/ Extrusions.
Drive End drive, Center drive, and Tangent drive.
Motor 230/440v – 1phase / 3 phases – 50HZ – TEFC, Brake
Gearbox Worm, Helical, Bevel helical.
Control Variable Frequency drive / Speed controller.
Frame MS/SS Formed sheet
Supports MS/SS formed sheet, Square tubes,
Assembly Welded, Modular
Color Finish Powder coat, Paint as RAL spec.
Electrical Pushbuttons, Sensors, Limit switches as req.
Loadcapacity Up to 500Kgs


  • Inclined, Declined movement
  • Customized design
  • Modular construction
  • Welded construction
  • Belts with Flights, Corrugated Sidewall


  • Injection molding parts
  • Carton boxes
  • Auto parts
  • Plastic, Metals
  • Inspection
  • Manufacturing


  • Electronics Industry
  • Parametrical Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Food processing
  • Warehouse & distribution